The Carrollton Area Economic Alliance will host its monthly roundtable Tuesday evening. Click to hear KMZU’s Stephanie Shannon speak with Executive Director Sharon Metz:

Sharon Metz

This is the second year for the roundtable discussions. “We’ve had so much success with that. And that’s all due to the people that come in this town and this county, and come up with a lot of new projects. And there’s some things that we’re beginning to talk about for the new year,” Metz said, “We need you to be there. We want you to be there enjoying this great group. We’ve got so many activities coming up that we’re going to need plenty of help. And we’re always looking for new ideas and fresh ways to approach things that we’ve done before, to make them even more successful.”

Everyone in the area is invited to participate. “I will tell you it’s a positive night. It’s not an evening where we talk about things that we aren’t happy about, or we don’t think are working,” said Metz, “These are all positive things because we figured out a long time ago if you want to be successful, as individuals or a community or organization, you look at the positives. You work through the things that you have to work through, and you go for the things that will help promote growth and good times in our area.”

This month’s meeting gets underway Tuesday night at 7:00 in the basement of the Carrollton library.