CARROLLTON, MO – A meeting of the Carrollton City Council Monday evening included its newest member, Councilwoman Lisa Moeller, representing Ward III.  Several orders of business were undertaken including approval of ordinances pertaining to inspections of rental properties within the city, and the formation of a tactical response team by police.

An ordinance was passed by council that allows the city to enforce building codes with regard to rental properties.  The city would have the authority to exercise enforcement beginning effectively March 1, 2018.  A rental property may have no tenants until it passes local inspection. Certain city officials would obtain training providing the ability to properly inspect rental units.

A second, related ordinance would give the city the ability to recoup expenses for inspections.  The ordinance allows Carrollton to impose inspection fees graduating in value the longer a property is not brought to code standards.

A presentation by police officers to council members appraised them of the existence of a tactical response team being assembled on a voluntary basis.  The presence of a locally based tactical unit would greatly reduce response time during a high-risk incident.  Officers estimated the potential reduction of response time could be as much as 15 minutes, down from as much as 1.5 hours.  Officers involved have been purchasing equipment out-of-pocket.  The presentation induced council members to recommend the city pay for that expense.  The city would be required to collect bids for the purchase of the equipment.