Click here to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson, speak with Administrative Assistant, Terry Bell.

Terry Bell

The town of Carrollton seems to be facing the same issues as some of their neighboring towns. Grass and weeds being too tall, demolitions that need to be done, trash in yards and lots, nuisance after nuisance, and it leaves people wondering, why?  “I know what City Hall is doing,” said Bell, ” In that regard,  I do know there’s a time frame and steps that you have to do.  You can’t just knock on someone’s door and make them do that; it’s a law and it’s a process.  This is not a problem that happened over night. The community  has been looking a little bit worse in wear for quite some time.  Having said all of the factors, we are working on it. It’s just going to take some time and it’s going to take people to have pride in where they live.”

Although the town is facing a few challenges, their growth seems to be fine. After all, they just had two veterinary clinics open, as well as a new dentist’s office, and an already established business is expanding, which will lead to 10 more job openings. “As far as the Economic Alliance and that board, I think they’re doing a wonderful thing,” Bell said, “They are really working hard. We are a small community, but I think we are doing very well for our population to maintain what we do have.  We all want to see us grow, whether we can do that at a fast rate of speed or a slow rate of speed, we are working towards it.”

Some of the long time business owners in the community say they love that the police officers are doing their job, but are worried that the up in tickets being written are going to drive away their business.  “We have a new police force,” said Bell, “Are we 100% perfect, no way, no one is.  But they are out there and they are trying to do what’s right. I feel like a lot of the adages are that people feel like, you can be a police officer and do everything and stop crime as long as you leave me alone. It seems to be kind of what happens with people. They say well I’ve been doing that for 20 years, well it still wasn’t right for 20 years, you just weren’t stopped from doing it. It’s just going to be people getting used to the law, and that we’re out there and not just sitting idly by taking a blind eye.”