The town of Carrollton held their first of the month City Council meeting yesterday evening, and discussed quite a few matters. Click here to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson, speak with Administrative Assistant, Terry Bell.

Terry Bell

The first subject on the agenda was for new business. RDLP Carrollton LLC, otherwise known as Michael’s, is looking to buy 13.81 acres from the town in the industrial park. Council did vote and agree to the drafting of a contract to buy. “That is a company that is operating out there,” said Bell “There’s a piece of land they want for storing pipe. The CMU Utility company developed the property out there, so anything they decide to sell has to come through the approval of the town of Carrollton.   All money earned from that sale goes back to the utility company. I don’t know the exact dollar amount they will come up with to sell the land for, but we’re getting the ball rolling on it.”

The next subject matter was in reference to the sewage issues due to damage from lightning strikes and the usual wear and tear of equipment. “It was a long drawn out thing,” Bell said “Getting it started first and then the procedures on it. With everything there’s complications, but I think that once Mr.Vantrump gets everything worked out, we’ll be running pretty good.”

Next on the agenda was the Mayor’s Report, during which the town’s people were informed that water leaks are causing the city over $200,000. It was also discussed that the town’s last rate increase was 3% in 2008. “We believe that it’s actual leaking that is going on that we haven’t found,” said Bell, “They’re slowly working on it. Like they said, between increases and the cost of doing business, chances are it’s probably time for a little bit of an increase, to occur some of those cost’s.”

The last matter of discussion for the evening was during Police Chief  Bobby Turner’s report in regards to the new K-9 Unit. Officer Looney and Council Woman McCoy had a very passionate discussion about Looney being Buddy’s new handler. By the end of the discussion, it was put to a vote and approved for a contract to be signed and for Officer Looney to take the $1,500 training course with Buddy. “I truly feel that Officer Looney will be a good addition to the K9,” Bell said, “And that he will do very well with it. I’ve been able to work with him in different capacities with planning and zoning since he’s been here , and I think he’s highly qualified. Everything that he sets to do, he does it in true good form. So, I think it’ll be good and I think the matter is in good hands.”

This comes after Buddy’s previous handler, Officer Brian Quinnelly, turned over K9 rights after a few complications occurred and resumed his normal patrol position. Officer Quinnelly has since resigned from his position with the Carrollton Police Department on the day of August 28th and also moved out of town that same day.