The regular meeting for the Carrollton City Council will take place Monday evening at City Hall. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell:

Terry Bell

“There is a piece of property that joins with our fire department and Roupe Center,” said Bell. “We are going to do a purchase of some of the land, plus there will be a gift donation with some of that also. We are going to read an ordinance which will accept that real estate transaction.”

Bell said a new bid will be put out at the meeting as well.

“We just purchased a new one ton truck for the street department,” added Bell. “Mr. Duff thought mounting brackets were included but they were not, so we have put out some bids for mounting brackets to be used as a snow plow later this winter.”

The meeting will get underway at City Hall in Carrollton at 7:00 on Monday evening.