Leading off the Monday night session for the Carrollton City Council was an informal meeting with the Municiple Utility Board of Public works.  Ward II council person Scarlet Horine says the community leaders discussed the idea of creating a single professional position to oversee all city departments..


The new employee would likely have a foreman placed within most of the divisions.


Which would allow for continuity between branches and consistency when there are changes in elected officials.  Members agreed to investigate similar communities who already employ an administrator to find out what requirements, responsibilities, pay scale and duties might be.

In other business the Council agreed to draft a new measure that would lessen some restrictions while tightening others.  Horine says there was inconsistency in regulations regarding off road personal vehicles used on city streets..


The current regulation calls for anyone on a UTV to wear a helmet.  On an ATV a helmet is only necessary if an individual is under 18 years of age.  The new regulation, which should be ready in two weeks with more consistent guidelines…


The ordinance will require the same for individuals on golf carts if they’re driven on city streets.  The new rule should be complete by the next meeting ( July 2nd )  with a start date for those regulations to be established at that point.