The Carrollton City Council checked several things off the to-do list during this week’s meeting.  Members have previously discussed a few of the topics but some were delayed so more information could be gathered.  Mayor Kim McCauliffe says clarifier drives for the sewer plant has been on the agenda several times, but adds the delay was worth the wait. 


The winning bid of $29,779 was submitted by KAT Excavation out of Bates City.  Another proposal of $958 to purchase equipment for the fire department was also given the stamp of approval…


The fire department’s phone system will also receive an upgrade.  The present network is the same line and equipment that was installed when the current facility was built several years ago. 
Council members also voted to reinvest dollars from interest bearing CD’s instead of placing the money into general funds.  Mayor Kim McCauliffe says it’s a practice the council often tries to stick to..


Funds from the two accounts were consolidated and committed to another twelve month plan at a .75% interest rate with Carroll County Trust.  During the Mayor’s report McCauliffe offered an update on the expansion of an outdoor feature in the community.  City Hall is currently accepting bids for construction on the walking trail..


The bids will reviewed on Monday, March 26th at the site..


In other business an idea discussed two weeks ago to turn Dobson Street between Virginia and Jefferson into a one-way street has been dropped.  Instead of eliminating parking along the north side of Dobson, local residents suggested increased police monitoring during school drop-off and pick-up.  The hope is increased observation will improve student safety and ensure vehicles are close to the curb versus parking in the middle of the roadway.