The highlight of the Carrollton Council meeting Monday night was the reintroduction of Farmer’s Markets to the square. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Pounds speak with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell

Bell said Sharon Metz was in attendance to ask council for permission to move forward with the plans. “One of the things they asked was to bring back Farmer’s Market.” She said, “So they are going to move forward with that and get some homegrown stuff to sell on Saturday mornings.” The United Against Bullying group was unable to attend the meeting. Bell added, they may attend a meeting at a later date.

Terry said the city is still looking for volunteers for the upcoming hazardous waste pick up. “The pick up will be June 15th at the Old Places building downtown from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m..” For more information about the hazardous waste pick up contact Terry Bell at 660-542-1414.

Council reports were discussed before session came to a close.