The Carrollton City Council met in regular session Monday night with a full agenda.

Police Chief Bobby Turner brought forth the final bids for new body armor to replace outdated vests. The winning bid went to Ray O’Herron Company for eight Quantum Ballistic System vests for a total of $4,632.

Chief Turner says it won’t take long to get the gear, and the mood in the department is upbeat.

Bobby Turner

Another item on the agenda was the quarterly interest payment on one of the Rupe CD’s. Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says that when the maturity date in June arrives, council will see if it’s within budget to repair the crumbling Rupe Center parking lot.

Terry Bell

Council also moved to adopt an ordinance disbanding the Airport Advisory Board and put in place an individual to oversee airport operations. David Heddings was appointed to the position and will report to the council on a monthly basis.

Council also took up additional discussions including finding a location for a locked impound yard, and the rental of a milling machine for roadwork this coming season.

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