The Council for the Town of Carrollton met in regular session Monday night with a fairly light agenda. Click to hear KMZU ‘s Mike Stone speak with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell1

One item up for discussion was a review of available 2015 health insurance plans for city employees. Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says there were a number of options.

Terry Bell2

We did make a decision; we actually had three agents that came in. Of course, our current agent Naught Naught: Richie Forsythe. We also had Jim Oglesby from Norborne that brought in some bids, and then we also had Kalie Baker of Chillicothe that brought in some,” Bell said.

After reviewing and everything the council decided that they would go ahead and renew with Blue cross and Blue Shield. That would be a 9.9% increase over last year. It wasn’t dramatic so they just decided to stay with what we have.

The Carrollton Fire Department is also putting out notice of an opening in the department following the promotion of Lonnie Sensenich to Fire Chief. Also, a bid was accepted to repair the guttering and downspouts at city hall by Cranmer’s Seamless Guttering out of Chillicothe for a total of $1,350.00

Bell adds the council also addressed a problem with 9th Street in front of the Carrollton Middle School.

Terry Bell3

The council was all in agreement that that would be something that could be done on adding that turn lane in there. I think they’ve already decided that the street is wide enough, and I think chief turner is going to talk with Dr. Oetinger and just get more detail and information on how he actually wants it set it up, but I think that is a go.

For agendas and minutes of past, current and future council meetings can be found at the Carrollton City website.