The Carrollton City Council heard the 2010 Audit Report during the Monday night meeting.  Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says the auditor had previously recommended eliminating some of the city’s checkbooks.  She says that improvement has allowed the office to keep the budget details in place while streamlining the information within the same computer system.

In other business the council approved a Hertz equipment rental bid and a lease resolution on a KC Bobcat.  They referred road work bids to the street department for further review and tabled other bids due to lack of information.

During an executive session ahead of the regular meeting Council members approved the hire of two part time police officers. 
One of the officers is former Carroll County Sheriff Joe Arnold.  The other hire is Carrollton Policeman Tim Ramey.  Ramey will be working full time for the Carroll County Sheriff’s office but wanted to stay on as a reserve officer with the police department. 

Listen to the full interview with Bell for further details on actions the council made.  

Terry Bell