The Carrollton City Council set aside time for public comment at last night’s meeting. With the gathered protest of around 40 people on the Carrollton Square in relation to an arrest in mid-September. There were expectations that a representative of the protest may make a presentation, but no one stepped forward.

Police Chief Robert Turner addressed Council and made sure all members were given a copy of the Carrie Robertson Incident Report and explained what the investigation had concluded.

Bobby Turner

Both officers were wearing body cameras. We’ve had DDCC…we’ve all viewed the video and there was no excessive force,” Turner stated.

They actually restrained themselves for the amount of force they did use. So, the department is still backing the officers as we were from the beginning.”

In other business Councilman at Large Steve Walden brought to the council’s attention his concerns about the enforcement potential of the Business License Ordinance.

Steve Walden

To do business in the Town of Carrollton you are required to come to City Hall and purchase a business license that permits you to do business in the Town of Carrollton. Generally what happens if I know of somebody or somebody will call us and say ‘Hey, they (don’t) have a business license’, and if they don’t we’ll send the police out and tell them they need to come get a business license,” he explained.

Sometimes they might just pick up and leave. But, I guess there was a couple of citations issued here recently that I’ve heard went to Municipal Court, and they did a review and there was no penalty phase.”

Councilman Walden says it will take a little time to firm up the ordinance’s language to protect Carrollton commerce.

Local retailer Shopko and the Hudson Brides Foundation both applied for liquor licenses. Shopko’s license would allow OPL-SOP sales, while the HB Foundation’s would be a one night only picnic permit for a local theater event.