CARROLLTON, MO –  Council members in Carrollton renewed their zeal for street repair, following up on talk at the last meeting to present a possible tax increase for that purpose.  Ballot language was approved for a half-cent hike in sales tax to be used for street, bridge, and sidewalk repair.  A special August election would present the issue to voters.

Council also entertained a possible equipment purchase.  Council considered the price of equipment used to apply oil for street maintenance.  Council approved the use of up to $2000 for the unit at auction.

Information provided in department reports included vacant positions in the fire and police departments.  Current Field Training Officer, Jeff Allen, is temporarily leaving the police department to be deployed overseas.  Chief, Robert Turner inquired as to the possibility of offering temporary employment to cover the 14-month lapse in police coverage.

Likewise, Fire Chief, Lonnie Sensenich informed council of four applicants for a full time position vacated by Tyler Bowen.  Sensenich will also be looking for volunteer positions.