The Carrollton City Council met in regular session Monday night for a series of reports and an eventual closed session. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Financial Assistant Lisa Ream about a public auction website the city will use to sell excess surplus.

Lisa Ream

Carrollton Police Chief Bobby Turner made his monthly report to council and also spoke of the need to replace the department’s aged and deteriorating bullet-proof vests. Chief Turner informed the council on current bids. “Alamar gave us a bid of $575 a vest, which comes with an extra carrier. And Alamar will come and fit each officer,” Turner said. “Galls quoted the same body armor and $713 a vest, plus $75 for the extra carrier, which will bring it to a total of $788.99, a $1,500 difference between the two companies.”

Council understands that Kevlar vests deteriorate quickly with daily use, but must wait till the first of the year to make the purchase, so it falls within the 2014 budget.

Fire Chief Curtis Shields also made his report to the council and one item of discussion was the new burn ordinance. Council and Chief Shields worked on the wording that states no burning within 50’ of a structure. Council agreed that many residential lots are only 100 square feet, and with a home in the middle of that lot, the resident would not be in compliance. Chief Shields says in some instances 25’ is an acceptable distance, so the language will be altered to include, within 50’ of a structure or at the discretion of the fire chief.

Council also discussed the addition of a four-way stop at the intersection of 10th and Jefferson, and agreed that when and if the ordinance is passed, that a public information campaign be undertaken to quickly inform residents and motorists of the change.

You can learn more and access city documents at the Carrollton City Website.