During Monday night’s Carrollton City Council meeting discussion focused on the Water Department and its infrastructure needs. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell1

Council was briefed on the need to replace several thousand feet of water main pipe. Administrative Assistant Terry Bell explains since the department is running a $400,000 deficit, rates need to be increased.

Terry Bell2

The base will stay the same at $10.85 then the dollar amount per thousand gallons of $4.02, (the) council agreed and voted that they could raise it to $5.00. They have not raised water rates for quite some time and as costs for everything goes up it had to be up there, because we were below,” she said.

You have to just increase a little bit. We don’t want to do it to the public in big leaps all at once.

Bell adds there has been a slight change related to the Rupe Trust CD with Carroll County Trust Company.

Terry Bell

We received a letter that next year they will no longer be printing out paper checks for the interest that we get on our Rupe CD. That quarterly interest that we receive off of that million dollars, and council decided we would just open a savings account and have that money deposited directly to there. Kind of like a good checks and balance of knowing exactly where the money is,” Bell explained.

In closed session council also approved the formal hire of Lonnie Sensenich as the new Fire Chief for Carrollton following the resignation of Curtis Shields.

Council also approved a bid by Emergency Apparatus Maintenance to test and service the five fire truck pumps for a total estimated cost of $1,842.50.

For the minutes and upcoming meeting dates and agendas visit the Carrollton City Website.