The first meeting of November for the Carrollton City Council is scheduled for 6 o’clock Monday evening. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell1

Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says council will hear bids pertaining to some repair work needed at headquarters.

Terry Bell2

The guttering and downspouts on City Hall are getting kind of worn out so we’re gonna have to up(grade) that because we’re getting some water in the basement for the Police Department,” Bell said.

We just remodeled that so we can’t let anything happen down there.”

Reports to council will also include those from the police department and fire department, which comes two weeks after Lonnie Sensenich was hired on to be fire chief.

Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says the Mayor’s Report will include discussion of a section of 9th Street.

Terry Bell3

They are wanting a turn lane, so they’re gonna talk to council about putting in a center lane that will kind of help the traffic flow out there at the Middle School.

Bell added that an overview of available insurance plans for 2015 will also be discussed. The agenda for Monday night’s meeting can be found at the Carrollton City Website.