Late last year Ward IV council person Duane Griffin resigned from the board sighting commitments that would keep him from attending the regular meetings.  Following his resignation the mayor appointed and members approved a candidate who would complete the term until the seat came up for election in the upcoming April ballot.  However, Ward II council person Scarlet Horine says another issue has come up.

“Under threat of a lawsuit which would probably cost more than a special election,”  Horine says “we’re going to have to consider having a special election which is going to cost the people of Carrollton 6 or 8-thousand dollars or possibly more if we have that special election before the election in April.  I think it’s a waste of time, I think it’s a waste of money.”

The council is seeking information from the county election official regarding the possibility of holding extra voting day.  In other business the group accepted a bid to purchase new gear for the fire department, agreed to place an ordinance regarding a use tax on the April ballot and gave the o.k. to another 3-year contract with the Westbrook Auditing firm.  The group also acknowledged the resignation of city prosecutor and attorney Joe Don McGaugh.  He was elected to represent the 39th district in the state house of representatives.