The Carrollton Council will gather in regular session Monday evening at City Call. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell1

Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says one of the few items on the agenda has to do with social media and city employees.

Terry Bell2

We don’t have anything really established for the town of Carrollton as far as any type of information that we feel like can be released or maybe should not be released at certain times. (Like) investigations or circumstances surrounding any type of incident,” Bell said.

So, we’re gonna look over that policy and adopt an ordinance that kind of gives the employee’s the do’s and don’ts of what the Town of Carrollton would like them to abide by with certain things like social media and all that good stuff.

Another item on the agenda includes dealings with Carroll County Trust Company and interest from the Rupe Trust CD. That is part of a report from Administrative Assistant Bell.

Terry Bell3

We have gotten notification that the bank was going to start doing direct deposit on our interest. So, I just need to revisit with the council on that issue. We’ll make some decisions on what we want to do with that.

Also covered at Monday’s 6 p.m. meeting will be reports from the Waste water and Street Supervisors.

Carrollton City Hall is located at 206 West Washington. You can learn more about Carrollton by visiting the City Website.