There are very few items of business on the tentative agenda for tonight’s meeting of the Carrollton City Council. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell:

Terry Bell

“One thing we will discuss is on the old business side,” said Bell. “It’s the speed limit in the school zone during a fixed hour there at Tenth Street by the school. They’re going to try and adopt that and get that in place so we can make some decisions. We have had a lot of people asking about when that will take effect. Sometimes it seems like in January we have a pretty light agenda for that first session or so.”

There will be regular reports made by the Mayor, Council, and the Chiefs of Fire and Police. The Mayor will open discussion on purchasing a woodchipper for the Park Department.

“That’s an item we held back,” stated Bell. “We have been using a website to put some of our unused equipment for people to bid on and purchase. We had held back on buying a woodchipper to benefit the Park Department, so he [Mayor Mathis] will bring that up for discussion.”

The City Council will meet this evening at the City Hall in Carrollton at 6:00.