The City Council of Carrollton meets this evening in regular session. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell1

Monday night’s busy agenda includes a look at the needs of the Street and Fire Departments as well as several ordinances according to Administrative Assistance Terry Bell.

Terry Bell2

Business License is going to adopt a penalty clause into that. Social Media: we don’t have anything on the do’s and don’ts to releasing and that type thing, so our attorney Robert Cowherd has drawn up something for us that council’s going to look at and hopefully adopt as an ordinance,” she said.

Century Link (is) a settlement on a cellphone that in order to get the money for the Town of Carrollton, we have to adopt an ordinance for that.

Along with a closed session, Bell says there are also several boards that will need to have members appointed to them.

Terry Bell3

We have Fire, Street, Wastewater, Police, Park, Library, all of those. We’ve got terms expiring, so we’re just kind of lining up those people that had accepted to maybe, reappoint for the second term, and some new ones that are coming in. So we’re getting that list together and trying to get those ready for November the 1st,” Bell said.

Our oath of office runs through October of each year, so we like to get them approved by the council and then that way they can go ahead and swear those in and get the new year going.”

Council will gather in chambers of City Hall starting at 6 p.m.

The full agenda can be viewed at the Carrollton City website.