Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Carrollton Administrative Assistant Terry Bell.

Terry Bell1

The Carrollton Council will meet in regular session Monday evening. Administrative Assistant Terry Bell says the agenda will include reports from the Wastewater and Street Department Supervisors, a look at a number of bids, plus a review of certain procedures.

Terry Bell2

Every year or two we have to re-adopt our Conflict of Interest Ordinance, that’s with the ethics commission, you know, if anything happens, any problems or whatever, we’ve got a reporting system in that ordinance that we have to follow. So, we’ll be accepting that again tonight,” Bell said.

“And then we’re going to have to think about bad weather coming along one of these days. So, we’ve got road salt bids along with the Geo melt, and it looks like the street department is in need of a cut-off saw,” she added.

Administrative Assistant Bell says there are a number of other agenda items.

Terry Bell3

We also are going to put a new entry-way into the community center out there at the Fire Department that goes into the Rupe Center, we’re gonna accept some concrete bids on that tonight, to get that fixed up a bit,” Bell indicated.

We’ve got official reports, Supervisors Tammy Hamblen and Vern Dale Martin, along with the Mayor’s report, and council’s. I don’t know if we’ll take an executive session, I believe we will tonight, so it’s kind of a full night” Bell concluded.

Council will gather in chambers at 6 p.m. at Carrollton City Hall, 206 West Washington St. Carrollton, Mo. 64633.

You can learn more about Carrollton at the city’s website.