The Carrollton School District will be holding a lock-down simulation drill on Wednesday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Principal and Safety Coordinator Brent Dobbins:

Brent Dobbins

Dobbins says it’s an effort to prepare the kids for an emergency they hope never happens.  “The drill will be a lock-down drill where we will lock down all the exterior doors of our facilities, as well as all classrooms,” said Dobbins,” We will make an effort to put students where they cannot be seen from the hallway and all staff are out of line of sight as well.”

Dobbins says local law enforcement agencies will be on hand to assist.  “Each year they have graciously offered to help us,” said Dobbins,” This includes both the local police department and sheriff.  They give us tips on how we can improve after we finish the drill, as well as check on the drill itself as it’s going on.”

The practice session will include all students and buildings within the district.  An exact time for the session has not been released.