The Carrollton Farmer’s Market has ended for the season. Click to hear KMZU’s Stephanie Shannon speak with Carrollton Area Economic Alliance Executive Director Sharon Metz:

Sharon Metz

“I just want to thank everybody. Certainly the ones that participated and came every week, as far as bringing their products and goods to Carrollton,” said Metz, “I think it was a good first year start. We were excited about it, the community was excited about it. And a thank you to all of you that came up and looked and bought and said good things about our farmer’s market. I think the first year was actually very great. We’re just going to build on that, but a thank you to the community and for everybody that made that a success.”

Although the official season has ended, some vendors are still coming to the square on Saturday mornings.

“The Council certainly has given them permission to do that. Actually, there was a couple of trailer beds full of pumpkins and gourds and all of the fun things that you see for fall there. And some baked goods were also there this past Saturday. So, if you’re uptown or you just think about it, come by and see who’s still up there for a while.”

The market will start up again next spring.