Chapters across the country will tackle a wide array of things during National FFA Week, Feb. 16-23.  The Carrollton Chapter marked the annual celebration early by hosting events during the first week of the February.  Secretary Tori Lock says they have other activities planned for the rest of the month…

“The first is our Make a Change, Make a Difference and we ask each FFA member to kind of pledge to do something better whether it’s wear your seat-belt or not drink soda or maybe just eat a little healthier.”

She says the group hopes to create a healthier lifestyle for members and the community.  The second project comes to a close mid-February.

“We are doing our Racing to Reading book drive and our goal is to collect 500 books that are either new or gently used,” she says.  “They can even be damaged because O.E.I. is going to recycle the books for us.”

Reading materials can be dropped off at the Career Center, the Carrollton Public Library, Dollar General or the Senior Center.  The deadline is Friday, February 15.