CARROLL COUNTY, Mo. — The case against two Carrollton residents accused of multiple felonies, including kidnapping, was continued in Carroll County court recently.

Devon Wright (L) and Justus Webb (R), VINELink

According to a probable cause statement filed in Carroll County, 20-year-old Justus Dean Webb and 18-year-old Devon Lanoy Wright knowingly attempted to kill or cause serious injury to an unnamed male victim near Highway EE in Carroll County on Thursday, January 11.

In a statement to Carrollton Police, a witness said that Webb and Wright had told him they were going to tie up their victim and take him out of Carroll County after the victim had allegedly made a statement to law enforcement about crimes Wright had allegedly been involved in.

When they returned approximately one-half hour later, the witness said both men were covered in blood. Webb allegedly said the victim had freed himself from the restraints and hit Wright in the back of the head with a hammer. The victim allegedly stabbed Webb’s hand as he attempted to free himself.

The victim told investigators his wrists and feet had been bound with electrical tape and a belt and he had been stuffed in a car and driven to an area outside of Carrollton. As Wright drove the vehicle, the victim told police Wright repeatedly used a taser on him, knowing the victim had a fear of tasers.

The victim was able to partially free himself from the restraints, according to the probable cause statement, and used a hammer in the back seat to strike Wright in the back of the head. He reportedly swung at Webb as well, but missed, and used a knife concealed in his pocket to stab Webb’s hand.

As he attempted to fight off his attackers, the victim told officers he was overcome by the two men, resulting in serious injuries as he reported being beaten, kicked, stabbed and left do die along a gravel road.

Once the victim regained consciousness, he was able to free himself from the restraints and walk to the nearest residence. He was treated at an area hospital for his injuries, which were found to be consistent with statements made to police.

When police detained and interviewed Webb, he allegedly said he had been driving around with the victim when he and Wright were attacked by the victim unprovoked. Wright was arrested as well and told police he and Webb had committed the assault, however had returned after leaving their victim to die, only to find he was no lionger in the area.

Wright and Webb face allegations of felony kidnapping  – facilitating a felony, inflicting injury and terrorizing in the first degree; first degree felony assault and felony armed criminal action.

Both are currently in custody at the Ray County Jail. Both men are slated to appear for a hearing Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.