CARROLLTON, MO – A meeting of the Carrollton Council was presided over by Mayor Pro Tempore, Scarlet Horine, in the absence of Mayor Mathis.  Sitting in for clerk, Dana Reimer, was also, Administrative Assistant, Terry Bell.

The health insurance package of the city is set to be renewed under Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.  Several bids were brought before the council by Naught Naught Agency.  Council was informed that rate increases for 2018 are trending toward a 9.8% increase.  The current city budget is fast approaching the amount allotted for city contributions for insurance payments.  Administrative Assistant, Terry Bell, said the amount for this budget is $25,000.  Although the city is expected to embark upon discussions of the next budget soon, ways to avoid an increase in overall city contributions were considered.  One such possibility involves the offer of multiple options for employees.  Under the current health plan, employees pay 20% of the premium, with the city paying 80%.  By next meeting, council will have decided whether to stay with the current provider, and whether to offer more options in order to potentially split the expected cost of a 9.8% rate increase.

An ordinance was adopted to allow an entity to edit city codes for online display.  The codification company, General Code, would update city codes for contemporary alignment with state statutes.  The comprehensive library of city ordinances could be accessed by search online.  Currently, Carrollton keeps a record of ordinances through paper files.

Several board positions were approved by council, that included seats on the Municipal Utilities Board, and Libary Board.

Council voted to approve raises for two employees of the fire department upon completion of important training.

Council members provided reports at the conclusion of the meeting.