The Carrollton Police Department has officially changed location. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Police Chief Robert Turner and Assistant Police Chief Christian Cordell:

Robert Turner Christian Cordell

The Department’s former building had become very run down. “We had mold issues, no hot water, heating issues. We were down to one heater. The building was just falling down around us,” said Turner. “We wanted a more clean, sanitized building. A cleaner place for the public to come to do the reports and speak with us.”

Operations have been moved to the basement of City Hall, but first they had to make some modifications to the existing structure.

“We’re still in the process of building a property and evidence room. But we did increase office space for the administrative staff,” said Cordell. “And also, each officer now has their own desk and office are that’s separate from everybody else’s.”

The Department has also installed an interview and interrogation room, which includes a two-way mirror, and a lobby.