CARROLLTON, MO – A recycling plan recently put in place by the city of Carrollton, may soon end.

After the practice suddenly became unprofitable for the organization that collects recyclables for the town, Hope Haven, a fee would have to be collected from the city to offset that cost.

Administrative Assistant, Terry Bell, said if the city decides not to continue recyclable collections, the trailers would be removed since they were built with a grant through Hope Haven. The city estimates they remove close to two tons of recycled material per month through the current agreement. The city attorney also mentioned the market for recyclables is being overly saturated due to China no longer taking recyclables from this country.

The change will come by July 1st. council moved to continue with the removal service while, in the interim, paying the extra fees, at 35 dollars per ton, plus a trip fee of 25 dollars. Council members said the small amount of cash could be budgeted in the future, if no alternative recycling solution presents itself.