CARROLLTON MO – At a meeting of the Carrollton Council, issues of equipment and maintenance at the wastewater treatment plant were taken up.

Jack Vantrump was asked by a project engineer to assist with the refurbishment and equipment replacement at the plant.  He presented council with his recommendations.  Factors that may influence a decision include aging equipment, and lack of appropriate system backup.   A budget limit has not been set for the project.  Future meetings will determine a clear path forward.

Damage to the airport over the weekend is part of an ongoing problem, according to Police Chief Robert Turner.  Turner is working with city counselor, Cowherd toward the possibility of introducing an ordinance draft which would require a permit for use of the airport by aero applicators.  According to the police chief, chemical spills and equipment have been found in areas where planes would taxi on and off the runway.  Damage has reportedly also been done to some of the surface.  A permit fee could cost $500, with prerequisite conditions including insurance and chemical spill containment capacity.

City officials may be looking into the possibility of use of a debit card.

The condition of deteriorating welcome signs were also considered near the close of the regular session.

City officials entered into closed session.