CARROLL COUNTY, Mo. — A Carrollton man is accused of of stealing firearms in Carroll County.

According to a probable cause statement filed in the Carroll County Circuit Court, Joshua A. Turner, 31, is charged with stealing firearms from a resident in Carrollton.

The charge comes after a series of events throughout April and May of this year.

On April 13, 2017, a Carrollton resident reported multiple firearms stolen from his residence to the Carrollton Police Department. The resident advised that his stepdaughter lived at the residence alone and was known to have people over consistently. The resident advised that he believed that his stepdaughter knew where his missing firearms are.

A police officer then conducted a search at the residence.

A few days following the search, the resident brought in a cellphone to the Carrollton Police Department and stated, “Rumor around town is people would kill to have what’s in that phone.”

The police officer applied for a search warrant and seized the cellphone on April 20.

After retrieving data and information from the cellphone in May, the police officer observed text messages between Turner and his friend. In the text messages, Turner and his friend were exchanging messages about “some stuff” Turner had to show. Later messages from Turner indicate that he had different firearms to get rid of. His friend replied that he didn’t have money at the moment but that Turner could bring them to his place and they could figure something out.

The description of the firearms in the text messages between Turner and his friend matched the weapons that were reported stolen. Turner and his friend were both known to frequent the stepdaughter’s residence.

On Monday, June 26, Turner was charged with felony stealing of a firearm, explosive weapon, or ammonium nitrate.

Turner will have a hearing in the Carroll County Circuit Court on Wednesday, July 5 at 9 a.m.