Summer schol coordinator Sherry Kaiser offers the board an update on the program.

Summer vacation starts in just over a month but there’s still plenty to do when the kids clear out.  Superintendent Judith DeLany says one overhaul will get started as soon as possible..


The district will once again host summer school.  DeLany says the program is open to surrounding communities…


Craig Linneman won another term on the panel this month while Alvin Brownly was elected to fill the seat vacated by Kim Ritchart who has served the district for the past 6 years.  Following the oath of office members set to work selecting new leadership.


The new slate of officers includes president Craig Linneman, vice president Angee German, treasurer Alvin Brownly and secretary Kerry Bruncher.  Delaney says members will also represent the district in other capacities..


Brownley was also selected to represent the region on the School District Foundation.   In other business board members approved a contract with Gatson Heating & Cooling which was established last month.  The company will install a new unit in a portion of the facility this summer.