The Carrollton School Board’s November meeting included a conversation with the Athletic Directors for the Carrollton and Norborne education systems.  Superintendent Judith Delaney says the discussion centered on the two educational systems cooping a baseball program.  Currently the smaller of the two lacks has a few Pirates interested in the game, but not enough to fill a team roster.

“At this point it’s just informational and our board wanted to hear more about it,” she says.  The Tuesday night meeting will help the group decide if they want to “put it on an agenda, upcoming agenda for consideration as a yes or no.”

In other business the group agreed to modify a 2008 lease purchase certificate.  According to Delaney the adjustment will take that expense off the books sooner than expected.

“We’ll be able to pay it off 6 years earlier, in fact” she says, “it’ll be 3 years this spring and it will be completely finished off.”

It’s estimated the modification will save the Carroll County district about $180,000.