Do you enjoy a jog, run or brisk walk? How about goblins and ghouls? If you like both then be in Carrollton next Saturday morning for the Carrollton Spooktacular 5K Fun Run. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with founder and organizer Jeremy Ford.

Jeremy Ford1

Ford says this is all part of the Spooktacular weekend in Carrollton October 24th and 25th.

Jeremy Ford2

It’s going to be the Trick or Treat, Use your Feet 5 K. we started that last year so it’s the second year going on…Its open to anybody if you can run, walk, trot, whatever you want,” Ford said.

And we have zombie cheerleaders that are going to be out on the racecourse. They haunt the trail, they give out candy, they’ll spook you, and they’ll do anything they can think of.”

Ford explains the 5K Saturday morning benefits a local charity organization.

Jereny Ford3

We give a certain percentage of it to the Ministerial Alliance. We only keep what we need to supply for next year and the rest goes towards that cause. We think they’re great and we’ll do anything we can to help them out,” Ford explained.

They pool money together, it’s a combination of churches in the area, and they use that for anything and everything. Like, help in the holidays, disaster relief, food for the needy, it’s a great cause and we’re glad to help out with it and be a part of it.”

You can preregister and learn more at the event’s Facebook page.