Carrollton Senior High and Middle School students will host a veterans day assembly on Monday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk to Middle School Principal Brent Dobbins:

Brent Dobbins

According to officials, there will be a keynote speech reflecting on military experiences and real life events.  “We do have a guest speaker this year which is Josh Lankford,” said Dobbins,” He is a veteran of the Airforce and is now the head chef and food services director for our school district.  We are very honored to have him.”

Dobbins said the goal is for the audience to take a message away from the presentation.  “We hope our students, faculty, and guests listen carefully to some of the experiences that Mr. Lankford will share with them and can use that to guide their own way of honoring our nation’s veterans,” said Dobbins.

The program will begin at 9:15 a.m. in the high school gymnasium.  A complimentary lunch will follow the event.  Anyone with questions is asked to contact the office at (660) 542-3472.