CARROLLTON, MO – Among the first orders of business at a meeting of the Carrollton City Council was the acceptance of election results from November 7.

Two new council members were sworn in at the meeting.  Representing Ward I, Rebecca Mohn fills a seat recently vacated by former council member Scott Bartlett.  The long-vacant Ward II seat was filled by Stacy Ray Machado.

A request for a ballot measure was made by a local business owner that would be scheduled for April.  The contention was made that competing in the local market would be difficult for the business in question, given that it had to register for a resort license, rather than a bar license.  A certain percentage of sales must be in the form of food, according to regulations.  Elections are already scheduled for April, and the cost of placing an additional measure on the ballot was unclear.  The possibility would be brought up in a future meeting.

Bids for a liftstation in the wastewater system were accepted.  A single bid asks for $92,896 for the entire project.  That amount may be lessened with the elimination of certain components from the project.  The current available budget for wastewater projects is approximately $80,000.

A bid was also accepted for new counter tops at the Rupe Center.  The interest accrued in a donated account would pay for the project.

A local bar will be changing hands. The new owner will be applying for a liquor license from city officials after first obtaining a state license.