New board members Stacia Cowherd (left) and Sherry Cowick-McCoy (center) are sworn in by former board president Caren Bittiker (right).

CARROLLTON — The newly elected Carroll County Ambulance District Board members were sworn in and new positions were awarded during Thursday night’s public meeting.

Stacia Cowherd and Sherry Cowick-McCoy into their new positions as the District 3 and 6 board members, respectively, during the April 6 municipal election. The incumbents for these positions, Janice Miller and Dottie Standley, did not seek re-election, and were not present at Thursday’s meeting.   Following Cowherd and Cowick-McCoy’s official induction onto the board, new officeholders were elected. Karen Miller will now serve as the board president, Cowherd as treasurer, Carolyn Mayberry as board vice president and Margaret Wheeler as secretary.

The board has three proposed bylaw changes. The current bylaw under Section 3-A states newly elected or reelected member must be sworn in within 30 days of the April election. Language in the bylaws stated that the annual audit has to be complete before new members are sworn in. The proposed change in language is so newly elected members are sworn in during the next scheduled board meeting after an election. Under the section that addresses regular meetings, the bylaws currently reflect that meetings be held on the second Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. or another date

CCAD Board Members are (from left to right) Sherry Cowick-McCoy, Stacia Cowherd, Carolyn Mayberry, Caren Bittiker, Margaret Wheeler and Karen Miller.

approved by the board at the “District’s principal office or another location designated by the Chairman.” The proposed change will reflect that meetings will be hosted on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in a location large enough to accommodate members of the public to join. The only time meetings dates will be changed is if quorum is not available, weather conditions, sickness or any unforeseen events. The last bylaw to be under review would eliminate the requirement of needing to contact the board for public comment ahead of the scheduled meeting. Under the change the public will still be encouraged to reach out to the board to be placed on the agenda, but public comment will be welcome at each meeting unless it becomes hostile. According to former board president Caren Bittiker, the bylaws state proposed changes must be brought before the board 14 days before a vote is held, so these bylaws will be voted on during the June meeting.

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway is reviewing a whistleblower complaint as well. During this meeting, the board revealed to have initiated the audit themselves. Before closing the meeting, the board accepted the resolution for the audit to go forth.