A Septagon Construction truck (far left) is part of the landscape when crews prepare to pour concrete in below-freezing temperatures on Dec. 14. (KMZU)

CARROLLTON — The 11-minute meeting conducted by Zoom Wednesday afternoon by the Carroll County Ambulance District was light on details, creating more questions about staffing and district spending. No public comment was allowed.
The board approved more than $180,000 in transfers from its reserve fund to cover the cost of payroll — now at $146,185 — and building and maintenance costs of nearly $18,000. The district recently repaved its employee parking lot. According to its attorney Frank Foster, the district is not bound to get bids, like city and county governments are required. The district has yet to provide information on the project costs, requested by KMZU via the state’s Sunshine Law.

Board president Caren Bittiker says the district is staffing two to three ambulances now.

“We are fully staffed with all COVID-19 supplies, despite the refusal of the CARES Act funding,” she said, addressing the public.

Since October 29, KMZU has requested the district’s current staffing, hourly and salary pay and a breakdown of ALS and EMT-Basic employees, as well as scheduling — information easily obtained from neighboring agencies. Its attorney Frank Foster, whose contract was renewed at the meeting, pushed off the request for another 45 days. The delay is part of KMZU’s complaint  filed with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

The board approved an unspecified 2021 budget, which begins January 1. No mention or deliberations regarding the budget took place at the September-November public meetings. Administrator Mario DeFelice did not take part in the meeting.

Listen to the full Zoom meeting here: