At the conclusion of National Hospital Week, Carroll County Memorial Hospital recognized an outstanding nurse within the organization. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with CCMH Registered Nurse Mikki Sue Ford.

Mikki Sue Ford

Press Release From Carroll County Memorial Hospital:

Carroll County Memorial Hospital gathered at the conclusion of National Nurse’s Week to pay tribute to an outstanding nurse within the organization.  This year’s recipient is Mikki Sue Ford, RN of Carrollton.  Mikki Sue started as a LPN at CCMH in 2005.  She graduated from RN school in December 2009 and successfully transitioned in her role as an RN.  Mikki Sue currently serves as one of the dayshift Charge Nurse.  She is well liked and respected by her co-workers and ancillary departments.  “I whole heartedly agree with the nominations that we received for this nurse.  I am proud to work with such a compassionate and dedicated nurse” Jeanne Rector, Chief Nursing Officer of Carroll County Memorial Hospital shared during the announcement of this year’s recipient at the presentation ceremony.  “This nurse is truly committed to CCMH and our patients.  She definitely goes above and beyond job expectations.  She is engaged in her work.  She volunteers for extra committees and CCMH events”.

Mikki Sue’s accomplishments and participation include (but certainly not limited to):

  • Serves as a Co-Chair of the Nursing Practice Council.  She prepares both the agendas and minutes of the meetings.  She has been proactive in establishing shared governance for the nursing division.
  • She serves as the nursing representative on both the Infection Control and Safety Committees.
  • She assisted with planning the CCMH Annual Christmas Party
  • She assisted with planning Hospital Week 2013
  • She is currently assisting with planning the First Annual Employee Picnic
  • She participated in the Premiere CCMH Foundation 5K
  • She is also on the selection committee for the Medication Delivery System.
  • She always volunteers to attend extra educational offerings and leadership seminars.  She has attended several Skills Path Leadership Seminars over the past year.  She will be attending the armed violent intruder training next month and also attended the Blood Bank Education in KC last year.

In addition to her involvement at CCMH, she is also involved in the community.  She has taken an active role in her church youth group.

Mikki Sue was awarded a plaque which will be displayed at Carroll County Memorial Hospital and a gift in recognition of this honor by Administration during a reception Friday afternoon.  “Please join us in thanking and congratulating an shining star in the Carroll County Memorial Hospital Team” shared Jeff Tindle, Chief Executive Officer of Carroll County Memorial Hospital.  “Mikki Sue is a true asset to the organization and the patients in which she serves.”