Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Carroll County Memorial Hospital CEO Jeff Tindle:

Jeff Tindle

Carroll County Memorial Hospital will break ground Tuesday afternoon on a new addition to their facility. CEO Jeff Tindle said this is a three-story building that will be attached to the hospital.  “The primary purpose of the building is to focus on services we can provide this community that our patients are having to travel elsewhere to get,” said Tindle, “The primary service is day outpatient surgery.  We’ve been out of the surgical business for over 15 years and this is a very needed service.  In 2012, over 800 people from our service area went somewhere to get the procedures we’re talking about.”

Tindle went on to explain what we can expect in other parts of the new addition.  “The first floor will have an expanded outpatient clinic space,” said Tindle, “This will give a very modern, expanded service where we can, again, add other services and, one that we are very excited about, is we are working on bringing an oncologist in the first of next year.  This would allow us to do chemotherapy and some other healthcare needs that patients have to travel to receive.  The top floor of the building will  be medical office space.”

The 43,000 square-foot building is expected to be completed within the next 18 to 24 months at an approximate cost of $16.5 million.

Tuesday’s ceremony is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. and will include a short program followed by a cake and punch reception.