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CMS Public Relations:
Warrensburg, Mo.-Matt Dotson of Hallsville, Missouri finished off a clean sweep of USRA Modified action Sunday night with a $3,000 victory during the track’s annual Memorial Day Weekend special events. It was the second night in a row Dotson topped a stellar field of the region’s best ‘Mighty Modified’ drivers he took the first step in being eligible for the track’s special event bonus money based around winning at least two of the big three holiday specials. Dotson’s total take for the weekend was a whopping $4,000 after claiming the normal $1,000-to-win victory on Saturday night plus last night’s haul.

Next week marks the return of weekly championship racing with the USRA Modifieds, Street Stocks, B-Mods, and Pure Stocks. Pit gates open at 4:30 with grandstands opening at 5. Adult General Admission is $12 with Military members with I.D. and Seniors 65 and over $10. Kids ages 6 to 12 are $5 with children 5 and under and senior citizens 75 and over free! Pill draw close for drivers is 6:15 (no passing points for late drivers), pit meeting takes place at 6:30 with hot laps at 7 and racing at 7:30.

CMS recently announced the make-up event dates for the 5/21/16 rained out events, the dates are: Saturday, June 4th – Street Stock makeup, Saturday June 25th – USRA Modified makeup, and Saturday, July 9th for the B-Mod makeup. The B-Mods, who will pick up their event from lap 5 when the green flag flies again. Stay tuned to CMS press releases and the website and social media for future announcements.

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Main Event Results from 5-29-16

USRA B-Mod Feature Event
1st- 10R-Russell Niehoff, Lockwood
2nd- 5x-Dakota Foster, Gardner, KS
3rd- 57-Tim Powell, Lansing KS
4th- 5-Jacob Ebert, Oak Grove
5th- 99-Brad Smith, Belton
6th- 7b-Bobby Russell, Smithville
7th- 96-Cody Brill, Harrisonville
8th- 09jr-Spencer Stephens, Buckner
9th- 181-Luke Nieman, Nortonville
10th- 09sr-Josh Stephens, Buckner
11th- 68m-Dean Wille, Warrensburg
12th- 49-Patrick Royalty, K.C. KS
13th- 66x-Chris Wright, Chillicothe
14th- 57a-Randy Ainsworth, Excelsior Springs
15th- 77-Brett Wood, Warrensburg
16th- 07-Daniel Harris, Ex. Springs
17th- 20-Michael Bixby, Harrisonville
18th- 26-Anthony Whitham, Kansas City
19th- 33-Nicholas Carpenter, Leavenworth KS
20th- 22-Steven McDowell, Independence
21st- 28s-Bill Small, Holden
22nd- 50jr-Leroy Morrison, Raymore
23rd- 22c-Cole Campbell, Mexico
24th- 12c-Steve Clancy, Odessa


ULMA Late Model Feature Event
1st- 65-Jon Binning, Warrensburg
2nd- 7x-Todd McCoin, Barnett
3rd- 23-Cody Holtkamp, Holts Summit
4th- 1x-Aaron Marrant, Richmond
5th- 16-Bobby Penney, Lawson
6th- 22H-Dustin Hodges, Centralia
7th- 2-Kevin Kaiser, Cole Camp
8th- 45-Bob King, Independence
9th- 6p-Ryan Petersheim, Harrisburg
10th- 22-Kevin Coyne, Kingsville
11th- 7E-Phil Edmondson, Marrionville
12th- 1t-Chris Cox, Jefferson City
13th- 42L-Lane Ehlert, Foristell
14th- 8-Dave Miller, Mexico
15th- 28-Wesley Briggs, Olathe KS
16th- 6-Bob Cummings, Sedalia
17th- 55- Greg Clemons, Urich
18th- 4-John Ketterer, Marthasville


Allstar Midget Series Feature Event
1st- 44s-Don Droud Jr., Lincoln NE
2nd- 44-Wesley Smith, Nixa
3rd- 28-Kory Schudy, Springfield
4th- 15h-Tony Hudlin, Iola KS
5th- 48m-Rick Murcko, Iola KS
6th- 2-Jason Billups, Holden
7th- 10-Jason Walls, St. James
8th- 7rs-Merril Lamb, Iola KS
9th- 71 1/2-Robert Bell, Colfax IA
10th- 08-Mike Epperson, Independence
11th- 60e-Mark Billings, Columbia


USRA Modified Feature Event
1st- 88d-Matt Dotson, Hallsville
2nd- 26k-Kevin Blackburn, Fulton
3rd- 02-Tanner Mullens, Wichita KS
4th- 33-Chad Lyle, Oak Grove
5th- 87-Darron Fuqua, Mayetta, KS
6th- 70-Aaron Marrant, Richmond
7th- 90-Terry Schultz, Sedalia
8th- 73b-Shad Badder, Oak Grove
9th- 5r-Robbie Reed, Mexico
10th- 68-Dean Wille, Warrensburg
11th- 82-David Wood, Richmond
12th- 75-Gunner Martin, Blue Springs
13th- 21-Ryan Middaugh, Fulton
14th- 27t-Robbie Test, Jefferson City
15th- 92-Danny Scrogham, Peculiar
16th- 7-Shayne Bailey, Lathrop
17th- 8s-Jon Sheets, Nevada
18th- 12v-Nathan Vaughn, Sedalia
19th- 1x- Matt Johnson, Archie
20th- 85s-Tyler Shaw, Mexico
21st- 00m-Jim Moody, Odessa
22nd- 29-Dennis Elliott, Mt. Ayr IA
23rd- 8-Johnny Fennewald, Appleton City
24th- 209-Josiah Stephens, Grain Valley