Gregg Smith


Stephen R. Miller

The chair and vice chair positions of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission were rotated at the last monthly meeting, March 2, 2016.

According to policy, the two positions are filled by election of the most senior members of the commission.  After serving for one year, the commission then has the option to rotate those leadership positions the following year.

Gregg Smith of Clinton will serve as chair, and Stephen R. Miller of Kansas City will serve as vice chair.

MoDOT Director, Patrick McKenna says Commissioner Miller has kept Missouri’s long term insufficient funding problems at the forefront of discussion, and commended his work on behalf of MoDOT employees.

McKenna also says he looks forward to working with commissioner Smith on a transportation system for the 21st century.

Gregg Smith owns Gregg Smith Ford Lincoln, Inc, as well as Wilder RV.

Miller is a partner in a Kansas City law firm, Miller Schirger, LLC.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission is a six member, bipartisan governing board for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Other commissioners include, Michael Pace of West Plains, Tom Waters of Orrick, Mary Nelson of St. Louis, and John Briscoe of New London.