KMZU’s Mandy Young spoke with State Representative Dean Dohrman about a change coming to the Post Office in Sweet Springs. Dohrman mentioned the USPS conducts yearly audits to determine the needs of its post office buildings.


Starting in October, the desk at the Sweet Springs Post Office will be open one hour less per day.


State Representative Dean Dohrman attended a meeting in Sweet Springs last week that was held by the US Postal System. During this meeting, it was announced that the office in Sweet Springs will go from having a full time post master to a part time post master. Essentially the daily hours of operation will be shortened by one hour and this applies to the retail window where customers buy stamps or need to speak to the person on duty.

Access to post office boxes remains unaffected. The changes take effect in October.

Other items discussed at the meeting that affect District 51 are all post office facilities will undergo an annual review in May to determine their volume of business and status as full time or part time. The workload consists of the amount of sales, such as stamps sold at a particular facility, and the volume of mail moving through the facility. If Saturday deliver is discontinued, this will only apply to flat mail and packages will always be delivered six days a week including Saturday.