The Missouri Department of Transportation put together a Community Advisory Group this year to look at a specific intersection in Johnson County. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Area Engineer Mike McGrath:

Mike McGrath

A Community Advisory Group was formed after several concerns regarding accidents were reported to MoDOT. They studied the problems with 50 and 58. “What we came up with was, that the majority of the accidents were right-angle accidents, where someone was pulling out on Route 58, and someone from Route 50 was, essentially t-boning them,” said McGrath, “And those are the worst type of accidents, most severe. So we looked at several options.”

The group decided to use a J-turn, which restricts traffic from crossing over 50. Vehicles will instead have to make right turns onto 50, then do a U-turn later on. Traffic will still be able to turn left off of 50.

MoDOT hope to begin work in next year’s construction season. A public hearing on the changes will be held in September, but an exact date has not yet been set.