A Carrollton woman has been charged with child abuse following the scalding of her 7-month old infant son in late May. According to the probable cause statement, Laneen M. Mason, 26, brought her son to the local emergency room after she said he had burned himself.  The baby was transferred to Children’s Mercy Hospital where hospital officials determined the child suffered from burns across 46% of his body.

Mason told detectives she was giving the child a bath and turned to get a washcloth from a nearby shelf at which time the infant turned the hot water knob to full.  Law enforcement investigators determined the baby would not have been capable of injuring himself given the height of the faucet, the dexterity needed to turn it, and other factors.

Mason was questioned in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Charges were filed Friday against Mason in Carroll County. Those charges are abuse of a child – causing serious injury and endangering the welfare of a child.