LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Mo. — The Lafayette County Prosecuting Attorney announced Wednesday that charges are being filed against a man who was driving a vehicle which struck a parked vehicle, causing a chain reaction that resulted in one man losing his life and another sustaining serious injuries.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Ellis Hilbrenner, misdemeanor criminal charges have been filed against Jerry Shier for his involvement in the tragic accident.

Jeffery Sanders, 55, of Mayview, was killed when a vehicle rolled on top of him on June 19 as he and a fellow firefighter, 33-year-old Jacob Hayward, attempted to put out a fire in a tree, according to original reporting by KMZU News in June.

Shier is now charged with a single count each of failure to yield to an emergency vehicle as well as careless and imprudent driving.

According to the release, both offenses carry a punishment of up to a year in prison and/or a fine up to $2,000.

The surviving victim and victims’ families were consulted by Hilbrenner before going ahead with the filing of charges.