The Chariton County Commission recently gave an update on activity in their office.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Presiding Commissioner Tony McCullom:

Tony McCullom

Officials are anticipating the arrival of the Flanagan South Pipeline.  McCullom believes it will be a positive step for the area.  “This is the third pipeline we’ve had come through since I’ve been on the commission,” said McCullom, “Naturally there will always be a few complaints, but they have been minimal.  If there’s a problem with the road, the company is always more than happy to take care of that.  They usually over do it with extra gravel and such.  The good part about this is that it will increase our tax base.”

Pipe should start arriving in the region in August of this year.  Just under 20 miles of line will cross through Chariton County .  According to the company’s website, the project is slated for completion by mid-2014.

Work is continuing at the jail facility.  Problems with the floor tiling initiated the updates.  “The jail had composition 12 by 12 piece in it and that all had to be taken out and replaced, “said McCullom, “While we were doing that, we also painted the inside of the jail and replaced some counter tops and other things.”

The $27,000 project should be completed by the end of the week.