A trend in Chillicothe’s rising prison population is expected to induce a change in the current system of city government.

The city administrator told the assembled council Monday, Chillicothe would be well advised to alter its government in the event population rises above 10,000. At that point, certain state statutes would go into effect. Among other things, the city would be forced to adopt a board of eight aldermen, instead of the current five council members. City Administrator, Darin Chappell indicated the change would be impractical, unnecessary, and expensive. One alternative posed by the administrator, included the possibility of changing the city’s status as a special charter city, to a home-rule charter, which would reduce the amount of legislative interference in city affairs. The charter change would require voter approval. Council members were in favor of proposing the change to voters within the next three elections, after which, the census is scheduled to be updated.