The Performing Arts Center will offer a children’s performance of “Blackbeard the Pirate” this afternoon (Sat).  Administrator Julie Ashbrook says the show is a great opportunity for the kids and the audience…

“If your backstage with them, they’re using all the theater terms, the children are.  I mean they learn all of that during the week and are very good at picking up on what they’ve done well  and what they need to work on.  It’s a very positive atmosphere.”

Ashbrook says there are a couple chances to catch the show. 

“They’ll perform two performances, one at 3, one at 5:30, all on the stage at the Performing Arts Center in Chillicothe.”

The box office opens at 2 and 4:30.  Tickets are 6-dollars for adults and 3-dollars for students.  Children not enrolled in school are free.