After a failed attempt this spring to sound warning sirens in Chillicothe, a new batch is on the way.  Council approved an ordinance Monday accepting bids for outdoor sirens.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Mayor Chuck Haney:

Chuck Haney

According to Haney, the project has been in the works for several months.  “We started on this project last spring when three different times about 5 of our 9 sirens did not activate.”

Haney said the package includes eight new sirens and equipment to upgrade three existing ones.  “We also added a PA system to the sirens that would be located in three of our parks: Simpson, Danner, and Schaefer.  So they will be able to not only activate a sound system, but announcements as well.”

The total purchase price was about $154,000.  Haney said they have an ambitious timeline for the installation.  “In talking with the council and looking at our budget to purchase new sirens, we hope to get them in place before winter or at least before mid-December.  We want them to be operable by the spring storm season.”

City officials held a preliminary planning meeting Tuesday morning.

Order forms are expected to be sent out within the next few days.