The Chillicothe School District is working to hire a second School Resource Officer.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Superintendent Roger Barnes:

Roger Barnes

The District is applying for a COPS Grant.  This would pay 75 percent of the new officer’s salary for three years.  After that, the District would be responsible for the entirety of his or her pay.  Barnes said the minimum salary will be about $28,000, but could increase depending on that person’s experience.

“They would help us with any kind of parent issues, truancy issues, any type of criminal activity that may happen on campus or with school-related events.  And so, just an additional set of eyes to help us.  And our campus is spread out pretty much all across town, so the additional help is needed at this time,” said Barnes.

The District will learn if they’ve been awarded the grant on September 30th.  The officer would begin January 1st.